Marquee Hire Bath


DSC07257 Straw flec matting

Laid of a plastic waterproof membrane then tensioned and nailed down. This is the most popular and cost efficient way of providing flooring, it looks good and easy to clean (environmentally friendly because it can be pressured).


June-2008-020 Blue Carpet

Laid on plastic waterproof membrane this can be laid straight on to the grass. The ground needs to be a good flat garden. Normally new carpet is required; sometimes carpet can be used on a second use (cheaper option). You can only use a cream carpet once!

Carpet on Wooden Floor

Green Carpet Wooden-sub-floor

Same as above except laid on wooden plywood 8ft x 2 ft. with battens, the best and most costly option.

Out Side Walkways

DSC00095 Outside walkway 2

The best product for this is event flooring, green hard plastic tracking.

Dance Floors

We stock various types;
The mahogany which is excellent, 8 ft x 2ft & 4ft x 2 ft sections and we build it as big as required, works very well in this environment.

DSC07268 Mahogany dance floor 1
Parquet we use mainly in hotels.


Beech Dance Floor
Black & white checker dance floor. Truly stunning.