Are you a reliable, dependable company?

JG Marquees has been running for 20 years, never let anyone down, with lots of very happy customers.

How much is it going to cost?

Initially we supply an itemised quotation prior to a site visit depending upon the information supplied, then after the visit it is revised depending upon your exact requirements.

What do you supply?

Generally anything to do with the marquee, furniture flooring, lighting.

When does your marquee go up?

We are not a ‘last minute’ operation. We like to be in as early as possible, weddings we like to have them all finished by the Thursday night, so we are generally putting up Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday. Taking down early part of the week.

Do you supply toilets, generators, crockery?

Not normally, we are happy to advise some great companies, we can and have hired them in. Like practically everyone else we would sub hire them in from the specialists, you will generally get as good as rate as us, normally any price differences on these items is a lower specification. We do stock table linen

How large a marquee do I need?

This depends on type of event, how many people you need to accommodate and also any other equipment you are using (i.e., dance floor, disco or a band). See our gest capacity guide.

What are marquees like in winter?

They are good, built to withstand severe storm loadings of in excess of 60 mph. The key thing is to have good heating that is why we stock our own heaters.

Should I notify you of underground cables, pipes and services?


Power for the marquee?

This depends upon what you are doing. Generally we run extension cables from the house, if your requirements exceed what is possible we either recommend a generator or an electrician to wire into your fuse board. It is normally catering that has the biggest demand.

Can we link the marquee to a building?

We butt them up as close as possible and have various ways of doing as good a join as possible. This is very popular on our smaller parties.

How do I book and pay?

Fill out a booking form with a 20% deposit; we accept cash, cheque, bank transfer and do take card payments over the phone for your convenience, very popular option. Full payment prior to the marquee being delivered.