Our Aim

At JG Marquees our mission is to exceed your expectations, we appreciate most customers will want a ‘straight forward marquee ‘ we are aiming to supply more unusual equipment, high peaked roofs, shaped ends and clear roofs for customers who want something a bit different.

Brief Description of Sizing

Generally our equipment comes in 3m (10ft) sections long and various width starting at 3m, 6m, 9m up to 12 m.

  • 3 m wide may be used to join a marquee to a house or as a walkway
  • 6 m wide generally on tight garden locations, smaller parties, joining houses for extra space. Catering areas.
  • 9 m wide, the most popular and useful size. Seated events 70 -150 people, most weddings and parties. Example 9 m x 21 m wedding marquee for 120 guests.
  • 12 m wide, larger weddings, parties where more room is required, prize giving’s, graduations. Example 12m x 24m marquee for a 200 seated wedding.
  • We can create ‘T’ and ‘L’ shapes using our guttering system and join buildings.

High Peaked Roofs

It gives the look of a traditional marquee with all the benefits of a frame marquee, it really is something different and unusual. They look great, at JG Marquees we believe this is going to become very fashionable in the future. Can also be used to create an entrance marquee / reception area.

Clear Roofs

conservatory-end-inside clear-roofs conservatory-end


Marquees 14 June 2011 059

There are two types of window;
Georgian arched, which is what we normally
Clear panoramic windows
Clear gable ends to complement the panoramic windows where there is a view or to impress the guests.

clear end brightened

Hexagonal Ends

Hexagonal Endhexagonal-3

Chinese Hats/ Oriental Canopies

17th September 2005 016

Great as an entrance, stand- alone marquee for bar area or on smaller garden parties.

Unusual Sites

Specialist jobs built on scaffolding due to the slope of the ground.

Marquee in tight location in back garden.

17th September 2005 001